Bret Brown, DC

Dr. Brown chose to become a Chiropractor after having a great experience with chiropractic treatment. While water skiing when he was younger, he sustained an injury that left him without his natural, normal function. In the process of his treatment, he unwittingly understood that the body could heal itself if properly aligned.

During schooling it all clicked. It was there that he realized the body possesses an innate ability to heal itself. Dr. Brown has utilized this knowledge to provide advanced treatments to help people get their lives back. He uses a combination of spinal manipulation and adjustment, vibration, and muscle stimulation and exercise to awaken the energy and vitality that’s been lying dormant. By correcting misalignments he restores function and wellness.

Patients benefit from a wide range of treatments and experience when being cared for by Dr. Brown. His areas of specialized expertise include treatment for whiplash, brain injury, interpreting MRI, pregnancy, infants and children. He even has training and experience in adjusting and healing your four-legged friends.