Daniel Griffith, DC, Managing Partner

Daniel Griffith, DC

Spring Creek Medical is the embodiment of Dr. Griffith’s vision of what healthcare should be to every resident in Southern Nevada and, now, Texas. His leadership is forged by the foundations he built at a young age as someone without access to the healthcare he now provides. 

The financial circumstances of his upbringing held a lid on his ability to receive timely and proper medical treatment. At a critical time in his youth following a car accident a Chiropractor restored his health and inspired him to become a Chiropractor himself. Not only did that doctor restore him to proper function so he could perform well in his sports and other daily activities, but his clinic was also filled with happy, vibrant patients. 

To make the choice of specialties ideal for him, Dr. Griffith closely observed a number of specialties that guided him to becoming a Chiropractor. Having this broad reach of experience formed an advanced capability for assessing the whole body prior to beginning a treatment regimen. His highly effective methods of cervical manipulation are the product of really listening. His evaluations take a fresh analysis of his patients’ neurological function, internal wellness, lifestyle, and needs. Time is taken to assess each element of a patient’s life so he can cure illness and injury.

Dr. Griffith’s practice is highly specialized in aiding those with persistent migraines and is characterized by getting excellent results in a reasonably short period of time. Unless other underlying neurological conditions exist, all but a few of his migraine patients see a dramatic reduction of instances within weeks.

The guiding principle of Dr. Griffith and Spring Creek Medical is to provide: “Healthcare the way you’ve always imagined it.” The way he and the team imagine it is that everyone deserves and can obtain access to healthcare that works, is accessible and affordable, and feels like a place where people come first.