Mark Rubin, DC, BS-Chem

Dr. Rubin is a seasoned Chiropractor with a wealth of experience and a legacy of caring for patients with a comfortable and friendly manner. From his earliest memories, he had a desire to help others. The appeal for him to choose his specialty is rooted in the holistic manner in which he cares for patients.

Treating difficult cases and restoring his patients to functional wellness is one of his hallmarks. He develops a meaningful understanding of each patient’s unique needs by listening and engaging them in the process of their recovery and wellness. He provides a high level of diagnostic evaluation to tailor treatments precisely to his patients’ needs.

Dr. Rubin’s effective treatment is a product of his education, experience, and training throughout his career. Most importantly, he knows when and how to balance the intensity of treatment. As his patient, you will be guided on when to push the gas and when to pump the brakes.