Melissa Plant, DC

Melissa is the only Chiropractor in Pahrump that can claim status as a true Pahrump native. She has been a member of the community, Class of 1991, for all but a few years of her life and is proud to serve the people of the community in which she grew up.

For as long as she can remember, Melissa wanted to be a healthcare provider. During her path to becoming a Chiropractor she shadowed a number of specialists, including obstetrics while working as an office team member for a Chiropractor. Seeing the contrast in the lifestyles and treatment options of the specialties she studied led her in the path of becoming a Chiropractor.

Melissa also presents a unique, gentle touch. Her patients find that her approach leads to less soreness following treatment. This touch is particularly important in her infant/toddler and female patients. You read that right. She is adept at improving the health of infants in their earliest stages of development.

Her practice is characterized by an advanced commitment to healing the body from the inside out. She listens to the patients and their bodies as she develops treatment plans for nutrition, healthy gut, cervical spine care for infants, children, pregnant women, and adults of all ages. She is particularly great at relieving persistent shoulder issues that have kept her patients from functioning at their best wellness. Patients looking for improved diet and exercise, healthy digestive track, and a fresh take on nutrition and cervical wellness will find a caring and compassionate provider in Melissa.