Roger Braun, PA-C

Roger Braun, PAC 2

Roger is an Air Force Veteran who proudly served our country, serving with the USAF Thunderbirds in his final assignment. His interest in medicine began in high school, where he took an interest in sports medicine and physical therapy. At the time he envisioned a career that would keep him close to sports medicine and physical therapy.

His 20+ year career in the military provided the foundation for the career in medicine his family’s circumstances wouldn’t allow as a high school graduate. Roger developed a sound understanding of people living in a variety of circumstances while being stationed around the globe. The perspective he obtained shaped a deep empathy for people

Today his treatments are infused with empathy and relatability. Patients experience a trusting relationship built on a foundation of integrated therapies and interactive treatment plans. Patients are part of the process.

Roger capably treats people who are looking to take control of health issues related to Hypertension, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Pain Management, and treatment of acute medical episodes.