Your throat feels raw. Your toddler has a rash. Your mother says her arthritis is worse. Who are you going to call? If you have a family doctor, you know the answer. You have a health care provider who can take care of the whole family. 

Why Choose a Family Doctor?

With a family doctor, you can address many health problems in the same place. You don’t have to learn a lot of different locations and procedures. You’ll know the staff, and they will know you. And if you need a specialist, your family doctor will help you find one.   

Family doctors have insights into overall health that specialists lack. Your family doctor may know that you worry about your husband’s diabetes, or that you’re tired because your one-year-old isn’t sleeping all night. Family doctors are able to treat the whole person as well as the whole family. 

How To Find the Right Doctor

Wondering how to find a family doctor who suits your crew? Use these eight tips to find the right fit.

  1. Do some research. Look at the family doctors who practice in your area. Check out their online profiles. Ask your friends for recommendations. A doctor who is active in the community is another plus. 
  2. Check your insurance. Make sure the doctors you are considering accept your insurance. Much of the time, you will pay less if you use in-network doctors. Double-check that the hospitals they use are in-network, too. 
  3. Consider convenience. Is the office reasonably close to your home and easy to get to? Is it simple to park? You don’t want your blood pressure to be up before you get to your appointment! 
  4. Find out what services their location offers. Where will you go if you need x-rays or lab work? Usually, the more services you can access in one location, the better.
  5. Be sure you can get an appointment. Having a one-stop facility doesn’t help if you can’t get in for weeks. 
  6. Find out whether you will see the doctor you chose. You may be willing to see a different doctor or another care provider under certain circumstances, but you should know whether that will happen often or rarely.  
  7. Check out the office. Do they answer the phone? If not, do they respond to your message in a timely manner? Find out if you can make appointments online. Learn how you’ll get test results. A smoothly run office is important.  
  8. Meet the doctor. Schedule an interview or a simple office visit that will let you meet the doctor in a low-stress situation. Don’t expect to feel immediately comfortable. All relationships take time. But pay attention to these details:
  • Does the doctor listen to you?
  • Do they communicate clearly?
  • Do they ask you if you have questions?
  • Does the doctor show respect to you and to staff members?

Make Your Search Easier

Why not consider Spring Creek Medical for your family care? We offer world-class facilities and expert doctors, and we always put patients first. We’re here to help with family medicine, chiropractic care, and medical massages.