Rehabilitative Care

Spring Creek Medical offers individualized rehabilitative care to help our patients overcome trauma, injury, illness, or age-related problems. Our trusted physicians design a tailored set of interventions focusing on patient-specific outcomes and wellness goals. This includes integrated therapy, strengthening exercises, and pain management practices to restore our patients’ health and wellbeing.

Spring Creek Medical’s rehabilitative care unit enhances our patients’ body function and quality of life. We support our patients throughout the recovery process and help them become independent and get back to daily life.

Our Objective

Spring Creek Medical’s rehabilitation care focuses on the following:‌ 

  1. Diagnosing and managing pain
  2. Improving impaired body function, movement, and skills
  3. Improving flexibility,‌ muscle strength, coordination, balance, mobility, gait, and posture
  4. Recovery through specialized, tailored intervention
  5. Improving quality of life and wellbeing
  6. Preventing injuries, their recurrence, and complications 

Our Rehabilitative Care Practices 

At Spring Creek Medical, we combine the following rehabilitative care practices to aid the recovery process:

Vibration Therapy

‌Localized vibration therapy involves the targeted delivery of energy waves to the affected body part. We use a handheld device to transmit vibrations of a certain frequency to the strained muscle, bone, or connective tissue. It helps relax and strengthen the affected muscle. It also relieves pain and stress, improves bone health, and promotes blood circulation.

Stretching and Strengthening Exercises

Stretching and strengthening exercises reduce joint stiffness and strengthen muscles, bones, and connective tissue. They also improve movement, joint flexibility, posture, range of motion, and body function. These exercises not only accelerate recovery and physical wellness but improve blood flow and relieve stress. 

At Spring Creek Medical, we encourage patients to exercise regularly for a speedy recovery. Through these exercises, our physicians ensure that our patients regain their independence and return to daily activities. 

Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a simple but effective self-massage technique. It involves rolling the affected body part on a foam tube. Foam rolling improves flexibility and range of motion. It also promotes blood circulation and reduces muscle pain, soreness, tightness, and swelling. 

Our expert physicians direct and support our patients during foam rolling to ensure their safety.

Sports Bracing and Wrapping

Our rehabilitative care professionals are adept at sports injury prevention and pain management. We perform preventive techniques such as sports bracing and wrapping using braces and athletic tape. These techniques help stabilize and protect joints from injury during sports. They can also treat existing injuries or joint problems. 

‌Instrument and Manual Muscle Mobilization

‌Spring Creek Medical offers mobilization therapy for rehabilitative care and pain management. Mobilization therapy improves joint flexibility, reduces muscle tension, and improves muscle strength and body movement. Our experienced physical therapists perform manual and instrument mobilization. 

We use manual mobilization to massage affected muscles, joints, or connective tissue. For targeted treatment, we use instrument mobilization, which involves applying pressure to the affected area with a handheld device. 

Need for Rehabilitative Care 

‌Patients with injury, trauma, illness or age-related issues can benefit from our rehabilitative care. If you have recurring pain or mobility issues, our rehabilitative care experts will help you regain strength, functionality, and independence through our tailored rehabilitative care solutions. Schedule an appointment with Spring Creek Medical and achieve your wellness goals.